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Hi, I'm Rado

I’m a registered Nutritionist & Health coach for busy men. 

My journey with Nutrition started 10 diets ago, or around 7 years if you count in time.
The intention in the beginning was simple – I wanted to get leaner and lose some fat. Later on, while trying to improve the quality of my nutrition & exercise, I was able to fix my chronically blocked sinuses & sleep apnea, then to elevate my energy levels, and recently I managed to tame my chronic anxiety and learned to tolerate more stress & workload.

All this and I still try to find ways to stay lean & fit in a busy schedule. And you can, too!

I constantly try to improve my nutrition, exercise & lifestyle.

You see, I’ve tried all sorts of diets:

From slow-carb (“The 4-Hour Body”) to a typical low-carb diet.
From a carnivore diet to full-on vegan plant-based diet.
From counting calories & macros to intuitive eating & portion control.

I’ve read & researched, tried & tested different diets, foods, exercises and lifestyle habits to figure out what works and if it does – how to do it properly.

Now I spend most of my time researching how to optimize our health & lifestyle – in other words, to upgrade our lives!